Sunday, April 17, 2011

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

Three angels- Gabriel, the warrior; Ivy, the healer; and Bethany, the youngest and most human- are sent by Heaven to bring good to a world falling under the influence of darkness. They must work hard to conceal their luminous glow, superhuman powers, and, most dangerous of all, their wings, all the while avoiding all human attachments.

Then Bethany meets Xavier Woods, and neither of them is able to resist the attraction between them. Gabriel and Ivy do everything in their power to intervene, but the bond between Xavier and Bethany seems too strong.

The angel’s mission is urgent, and dark forces are threatening. Will love ruin Bethany or save her?

Summary taken from Goodreads

Okay. I've never written a negative review before so bare with me. I'll try to just say what I didn't like without ranting, I promise.

I was so disappointed by this book. The premise of Angels coming to heaven to try to steer humanity in the right direction really intrigued me. But this book turned out to be... Twilight with angels. The romance overtook everything else and these two fall for each other for no apparent reason. Their love was suddenly each others whole reason for living. Bethany forgot about her mission and everything but Xavier.

The plot that didn't revolve around their relationship was interesting, but what little there was of it completely disappeared.

If you loved Twilight and didn't find anything wrong about their relationship, then I think you would like this book. I was sad that I didn't like it because I had such high hope. Sadly, I only give this book one star.


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