Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 Day Book Challenge. Day Three. Ish.

Ah! I went out of town and totally forgot about this! Whoops! Forgive me yeah?

Hope you do!

Day Three: A book that completely surprised me.

I'll go with one that I've read very recently:

Just. Ahhhh. This book was so amazing. And threw you so many curve balls. I listened to this on audiobook and was crying my eyes out on the freeway. Thankfully, no one else was around so I didn't hit anyone. Haha. I couldn't believe the ending. I was fully expecting a bright and shiny ending but noooo. Had to go and break my heart. Still this book so was damn good! I loved it! Because of this book, I will pick up anything by Libba Bray. Can't wait for Beauty Queens. Should be some good stuff =].


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